Growing and Developing Your Business Brings New IT Challenges

As your business grows, develops and evolves, so your IT needs change. Whether you plan to relocate to new offices, or create a new network in your current premises, you need expert advice to ensure everything goes to plan.

Services we offer to help you evolve include:

And that’s not all, we also offer ongoing support while you and your team get used to your new systems and software.

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Our relocation service will ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible with little or no downtime. We look at every aspect including a site survey and review of existing cabling at the new premises, to tidying up and making good at the premises you are vacating. And we’ll carry out all the work outside of business hours to reduce inconvenience.


Installing new networks and cabling requires knowledge and expertise of both IT systems and local building regulations. Our installation service covers every eventuality to ensure your new IT system is installed and up and running with minimum disruption.

System Migration

Whether you are relocating or updating your old hardware in place, your systems will need to be migrated to the new configuration. Successful system migration with minimum disruption to your business is vital. At Cygnit we work with you to create a clear migration plan highlighting any particular areas of risk and ensuring minimum disruption to your business.