The IT Support You Need, Available When You Need It

IT Support is our speciality. Let us manage all your IT problems while you focus on your core business. We offer monthly support services covering as little or as much as you require with no long term contract. Call us today to find out how we can support your IT systems.

Support services we offer include:

And unlike many IT support companies, when you call our support line, you will always get through to an experienced engineer able to offer technical help immediately.

Virus Removal

Computer viruses can be catastrophic to your business. Some malware locks down all your files so you can’t access them unless you pay a ransom; some viruses sit in the background and log keystrokes to steal sensitive data such as login and password information; other malicious programs use your computer to send out millions of Spam messages worldwide.

Preventing infection is much better than cleaning up afterwards. At Cygnit we can advise and implement firewalls and other antivirus measures to ensure you stay safe.

However, if the worst happens and your systems become infected, we are on hand to remove the malware and protect your systems going forward.

Hardware repairs and upgrades

IT equipment ages and becomes outdated and inefficient as technology advances and develops. It’s not always necessary to replace your equipment, sometimes the answer is to upgrade. At Cygnit Support Services we can make all the necessary upgrades such as installing more memory or a new hard drive to extend the life of your computer equipment.

Whether your machine has failed or you want to upgrade for better performance, we have the skills to fix the problems.

Data Recovery

In the event of a systems failure, corrupted files, or other catastrophe, it is vital to have access to your data restored as quickly as possible. As long as you are taking regular backups, data recovery is relatively straightforward. We can also advise on systems to store your data in the Cloud so that it is available from anywhere even if your office is destroyed by fire, earthquake or act of sabotage.

Data Transfer

As your business expands or you purchase new equipment, it may be necesary to transfer your data from one system to another. It’s important that this data transfer is handled correctly to ensure security and data integrity.

Let us take the strain out of transferring your data ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

On-call support services

When you don’t have your own IT department there will be day-to-day IT issues that could cause down time or other problems. With our on-call support service we can be your IT department sorting out all the little problems for you as soon as they occur.

System Monitoring

At Cygnit we proactively monitor our clients’ IT systems and networks, responding and fixing any potential security, performance or reliability issues before they have an impact on the business. By connecting remotely to your network our engineers can resolve a range of alerted issues before you or your staff even notice them.

Call us today to discuss the level of IT support you need for your business and how we can keep your IT systems running smoothly – 03333 444 118.